Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 writing

            I wrote a lot outside scholarship this year, and decided to put what I think holds up in one place, in categories:

I wrote a lot on the Sanders campaign, the ways that certain establishment liberals resisted it, and what I think we can learn from its remarkable success.

Bernie, Socialism, and Liberalism

More generally, I wrote on the rise of populism and where it seems to be leading, in the US and around the world:

I wrote on Trump before he was the nominee, and before he was the president-elect, trying to understand what was distinctive about his campaign and what it portended:

I wrote a bit about the Trump aftermath:

about North Carolina politics:

about Constitutionalism & legal theory:

As always, I wrote on environmental politics, in Appalachia, in history, and for the future (and am sneaking in Katrina Forrester’s wonderful review of After Nature in the Nation)

and What I love - an essay on Gillian Welch’s music, one on Thoreau and making sense of the world in a time of political alienation and fear, and another cheat, this one an essay on growing up under neoliberalism, which n+1 brought out from behind the paywall this year.

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